21 May 2018

inspired by babyart

it's been some time since the last "inspired by babyart" post (discounting the kuua nurse!) - the mania for trevor cosplay feels as tho it has abated - ...well, slightly?

these latest are less attempts at direct copies of my paintings but more like reinterpretations - they take the babyart inspiration and personalise it - which is nice

blindlory / "polkadot doll"

crow_zoey / "neko hospital"

lewriy / "drink me"

...and there's been a number of frogs recently




07 May 2018


pants specialty pose collection

for artists, ahem : )

06 May 2018


this was unexpected! - tre-cos by kuua oyasumi!

the costume worn for a live twitcast

kuua is, according to western media at least, a (or the) yami-kawaii/menhera figurehead - hmm, well, whatever, she is undeniably popular and influential - and a long time admirer of my art - i’m her admirer too, needless to say - so small so cute - and… those eyes!, that red make-up! - we’ve never met - and never communicated with each other much more than swapping a few heart emoji - maybe one day…. - did (sort of) get to meet her similarly diminutive friend ichigo aoi (adult video star known for her anal penchant) - she arrived in the closing minutes of the tb x nano exhibition earlier this year - tho i wasn’t too sure if actually her... : /

a bunch of gratuitous kuua pix - some of my favourites

01 May 2018

eimi's anartomy 101

new from timeless - 40 page full-color hardback of eimi suzuki collages - 16 x 24cm - just 12 euro - or available from vanilla gallery in japan

unfortunately(?) it doesn't include this one below that utilises some old trevor brown art - but that could be the reason she chose not to include it? (i'm still alive, all the other artists she plunders from are dead)

eimi twitter here and tumblr here