14 April 2018

girl's scrinium

girl's scrinium? - i don't know what it means either! - but it's the title of the urbangarde 10 year anniversary tribute exhibition at parabolica-bis - april 06 to april 30 - pic above by me, pix below courtesy of parabolica-bis - the inevitable t-shirts made, and badges (7cm with or without polkadots and 5cm with mirror on reverse side), and F3 (22 x 27cm?) canvas giclee

07 April 2018

enamel pins - available now!

what are they?
by popular demand, trevor brown's first hard enamel pins! - three separate designs

how many produced?
120 of each design - it was a 100 plus “get 20 free” bonus deal - ostensibly it is 100 up for grabs as those extra used up as presents etc

how big are they
a cute 3cm - mounted on A7 black card

are they limited?
yes they are - once gone, that’s it for these - originally i was intending to “reprint” if/when they sold out (perhaps in different colors or something?) - but the two month wait for these has somewhat turned me off doing them again

are they signed/numbered?
no - but backing cards all lovingly handmade by me

okay, i want already - how much are they?
$10 each - or $25 for all three - plus postage (airmail small packet) which is $2.50 for one (so total = $12.50) - or $3.50 for three (total = $28.50) - express mail service (trackable and faster) is $23

are wholesale discounts available?
no - i’m greedy - i want all the lovely profit for myself (i deserve it!) - but akatako and timeless will have some

do you accept paypal?
i don't - payment is by square invoices only - you don’t need an account, just a credit card - prices will actually be in yen - but hopefully approximately the same as the quoted dollars - unpaid invoices will be cancelled

how do i order
just message or email me (baby_art[at]hotmail.com) with what pins you want, your email, and your address - then i’ll send you a square invoice

anyone anywhere can order?
i think so - but i reserve the right to accept orders at my own discretion - i won't look too kindly on anyone buying simply to resell at inflated prices - and obvious timewasters will be ignored

do you accept returns?
no - not unless damaged or wrong pin sent - also i can’t be held responsible for “lost” packages

wanna swap/trade pins?
no - sorry

will you do more?
if they are successful! - and if i can find a faster and more reliable maker (i.e. middleman - all these pins are made in china) - and if i feel up to it - i may get sick of envelope stuffing and waiting in post office queues - also, i’m closed for such activities during the summer months

note: all information subject to change!






1つ1000円(税込 1080円)
コンプリートセットの場合は、2500円(税込 2700円)

送料 定形外 1つの場合は120円、2or 3つの場合は140円、





希望数 (希望されるバッヂの名前)
希望される銀行 ゆうちょ or 三井住友銀行


28 March 2018

enamel pins - forthcoming!

120 of each produced - 3cm big (or small?), mounted on handmade A7 backing cards - approx $10 each or $25 for all three, plus postage - payments will be accepted by credit card via square - akatako and timeless will have some, also hopefully some tokyo outlets (span art?…)

pic is a mock up, not the actual pins

i’m figuring on a release date of 7 april

i say 7 april as i’ll be going to asakusa parabolica-bis for the urbangarde exhibition on 6 april and can hit the wholesale stores in the district for plastic baggies and envelopes at the same time - BUT i have no actual guarantee i’ll have received the pins by then - i SHOULD have!, they were allegedly shipped (from china) on 21 march - if sent by dhl, as they claim, i should have received already! - sadly, the british company i went with to produce them (pinpals ltd), haven't been remotely reliable - i was an idiot to order from them

update 30 march

basically, and to put it bluntly, everything i was told by pinpals was bullshit! - i can no longer sift the truth from the lies with them/him - all i know now is the pins were never shipped to me - i pretty much guessed that after his inability to supply me with a tracking number - i've been given the above pix which at least is evidence the things exist (but obviously only just now finally made after being ordered two months ago!) - and i'm being told they will be shipped to england before being shipped to me - whaaaa! - this is such crap - so much pointless frustration - of course i have no idea at all now when they'll be available - and needless to say this will be my first and last order!

update 02 april

good news!!!! - the parcel is in tokyo! - it wasn't sent to england first - so, unless dhl tracking is playing an april fools joke on me, that 7 april release date remains good it seems : )

26 March 2018

midori hayashi - night comers

another "catching up with books backlog" post - in fact i rarely buy books nowadays - i have too many and mrs brown complains - mindless of that, this one wanted - the second photobook of the demonic-looking dolls of midori hayashi - i met midori herself at the tb x nano exhibition (2016) and happy to report she's not at all demonic - instead she's disturbingly normal, you'd never even guess she's a doll artist - an interview here - book published by atelier third, first book "dream child" also recommended