15 March 2018

urbangarde showa 90 skirt and tights

made by dangerous nude - skirt ¥16000 (+tax) - info here - tights ¥4000 (+tax) - info here

10 March 2018

urbangarde 10th anniversary

exhibition at parabolica-bis with costumes and tribute art - i made a new painting "kekkonshiki" - and i think the "showa 90" cover art will also be on show (others too??)

my wife now tells me that kimonos should be wrapped left over right - tho dead bodies are dressed right over left for funerals and burial (so not such an embarrassing faux pas as far as my painting concerned!) - yurei/obake are also depicted right over left - tho a google image search seems to show this isn't always the case and no longer common knowledge...?

04 March 2018

trecos available now

copies have at last landed in the western world at akatako and timeless

02 March 2018

secret dreams of erotic princess

well, this was actually a secret to me - it completely passed me by - maybe because i didn't recognise it as a kenichi murata book? -  the cover not a very typical kenichi murata image - ironically the content within harks back strongly to the old hand-tinted murata photographs - an excellent collection - the book released by edition reuss in germany in 2016 - "limited collectors edition" it says - and happily uncensored (i dislike the self-censoring of his japanese books - often ugly and distracting, imo)